Happily ever after.

In 2017 an incredible woman messaged me to get pictures to announce that they were going to be starting the adoption process. It was such a fun session, a couple in love and so full of hope for the future and their family. I was so full of joy being able to capture this for them. 

In January of 2018 an amazing woman introduced them to a pregnant mom that was considering adoption. They told her their story and she told them hers. She chose them to be the forever home for her baby. They were with her for most the medical visits, grocery shopping, moral support, and so much more. In March 2018 they found out the baby was a girl!!!  They were over the moon.

July 8th 2018 in her words "my dreams of being a mother came crashing down, as our adoptive mother decided to keep the baby girl." 

They let God take the wheel, after months of crying, hiding, and confusion they opened their hearts to two foster kids in September. They had a major part in saving them from an abusive home. 

On October 17th that same amazing woman that introduced them contacted her. She had the adoptive pregnant mother in her car, and she was saying she wanted to proceed with the adoption. At this point they had three kids in six weeks. They are forever grateful to have had this amazing experience.


I got to take her ‘new to them’ newborn pictures, watch her as she grew through my mini sessions. All of which did not have a model release, due to the adoption process. Keeping those pictures to ourselves (these amazing parents and I) was so hard!! She is such a gorgeous little girl and every session was better than the last with her! Finally I got the text that they had a court date and they wanted me there for the adoption to document the final step to the process. I GLADLY moved everything off of my calendar immediately. May 14th 2019 everything was finalIzed. I got to witness this amazing couple, and this adorable little girl, become a family. There was nothing but joy in that court room as they were surrounded with people that adore them all. 


Finally on her one year birthday I get to post this amazing story and those gorgeous pictures. I have been keeping these all a secret for so long!! But my clients needs with model releases and discretion ALWAYS comes before any want to show off gorgeous sessions lol!! 

I am so happy for this incredible family. These three truly are the perfect little family. They are all so loved by so many people, and little Campbell Rose will forever be the best dressed, and most loved little one around. Her mom and dad, Tiffany and Aaron waited for her for so long, and they finally got their happy ending.

I love you three so much! Thank you for choosing me to document this amazing journey. 


Twomermaids Photography 

Ashley Maura