Love in the middle of a storm


“Don’t you test my sense of adventure” was what my client messaged me when I told him this session may not end up going the way we thought it would. Rebecca was due any day and I had no other available dates left to get them in before she was supposed to give birth. So we booked it for what seemed like a great day. I told them to meet me at my regular meeting spot out in Fort Mohave (about 20 minutes from Laughin) at 5:30 pm. At 3pm I looked outside and there was HAIL. Ya, Legit hail in Mohave county and a massive storm like I have never seen before in this area. I messaged him letting him know I was totally up for documenting them dancing in the rain. If they could handle a little adventure. But with out crazy weather changes that hopefully it would blow by, by the time their session rolled around.

5 O’clock rolls around and I am getting ready to leave, all the washes around my home are flooded. I am in 4 wheel drive just to leave my house. My amazing neighbor is outside going “umm where are you going?!? Not in this storm!!!” My cell phone data isn’t working at all due to the storm. All the roads to get to the meeting post are closed, like cops everywhere closed. Not like “enter at your own risk” type closed. Like “the road is gone” type closed. So I finally get ahold of my client and have them meet me at the river. The roads aren’t closed over there, its pretty much our last resort at this point, and I mean, its gorgeous so why not do the session there?

I happen upon this gorgeous field and then magic begins. Jeremy and Rebecca show up and they are absolutely adorable. They are so full of love, and up for an adventure. It was lightly drizzling on and off but we managed to find a small area with no clouds! It was meant to be! The sky opened up and let me have my gorgeous golden light I crave.

These two were effortless to pose, they were so fun and full of life. She absolutely GLOWED through the entire session. Their love is just so clear to see. It was an honor to be chosen to document thee special moments for them. It always lites my soul on fire when I am able to capture young love and their passion jumps through my lens and into their gallery.


Ashley Maura