Community over Competition


We live in a great community.

It is small, everyone knows everyone, and we are flooded with snow birds and tourists every year. But in the end, our little community always rallies when it needs to. Inside that community there is an even smaller community of photographers. Whenever you have multiple people in the same line of business there is inevitably that pull to competition. Why though? Why compete, why put people down, just for following their passion. Is it because it happens to be similar to yours? What is the reason for that? What do you gain from putting others down?

Nothing. You gain nothing from putting others down.

I was laying in bed one night thinking of all of this. Yes I want to grow my business, I want to get more clients and have steady photoshoots, But I also enjoy other photographers styles. I love looking at local photographers pages to see how they take pictures, how they pose families, how they play with the light. Its different from me, and I love it. We all have our own style, our own vibes, and our own base clientele. There is no reason for us to fight over clients, when we can come together and support each other. We can build each other up and appreciate each others gifts and talents.

Even photographers need photographers

We can’t all specialize in everything. We will all end up having the types of sessions we prefer, the editing style we love, and the things we focus on. There are enough people in our community, for us all to have business, clients, and thrive here. So I reached out to a few photographer friends I knew, We planned a date to get together and just talk, photograph each other, and enjoy each others company. I have to admit, being a super introvert it was WAY out of my comfort zone to do this. Messaging strangers to ask them to come take pictures with me is not something I would normally do lol. But I am so so glad I did. I met some photographers I did not know, and have quickly come to admire them and their work. I am so impressed with the photographers we have in our area, and I love that we can come together and support each other, instead of fight over clients and try to put each other down.

This little gathering was small, but it was so fun. Each one of us took our own pictures, will edit our own way, and will post however we wish, and I am so excited to see all of the differences we will have. I would rather build up my fellow photographer, than try to get ahead and gain another buck by putting them down. I am hoping to pass that same thought process on to my little one. Lets start building people up, and stop tearing them down. <3

Special thanks to:

Leslie Chester of Firafly Photography

Lindsay Jo Drew of O’Snap Photography by Lindsay Drew

Melani Perez of Melani P Photography

Megan Gadd of Megan Gadd Photography

Jeff lite of DayjaLite Photo Productions

Ashley Maura